Monday, July 27, 2015

A Very Little Doll

After many attempts I have come up with a dolly design to use on the outside of the casket as well in some scenes on the inside.
The edge is wired so I can pose it just a little.


  1. she is tiny will look s good on the casket

  2. Well done - it looks delightful, and will really enjoy frolicking around the Casket sides!

  3. so adorable Janet! Will they 'live' on the inside, but get to come and play occasionally with those permanently attached to the outside? You could put little hidden magnets here and there for secret places they can 'play' or visit :) What a happy place!! xoxoxox

  4. Some of the dollies will live outside in the doll studio ( one of the casket doors), others will live inside the village (inside the casket). All are free to visit each other!


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