Monday, November 3, 2014

'Purly' Whites

I'd like to introduce the Princely Dragon. He is a good and kind dragon.

 Here is the original Princely Dragon (on the right), slightly larger scale. On the left you can see the form of the head taking shape.
The first thing I stitched was the inside of the mouth.
Then I started to cover the outside of the head and added eyes.

Eyebrows and 'purly' whites!

Beard and horns....and the final layer ready to be attached to the back of the head.

In front of his new castle.


  1. Thanks for the explanations. This is stunning !

  2. Amazing , such wonderful detail.

  3. He is a very fine fellow indeed - rather an affable and kindly dragon, in fact.

  4. My goodness, Janet, isn't he a wild and woolly character! What a difference the eyelids make in his expression, too. This is going to be quite a rich project. Great job!

  5. Thank you everyone!
    This Princely Dragon has been so much fun, now I'm pausing before I tackle the rest of him.


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