Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Daniel and Anna were our charming host and hostess in our Bath B&B. Here they are making the breakfast bread.
The walk to class each day took me past this Curiosity Shop.
In a nearby window I spotted this book bag/lunchbox. I think my favorite subjects would be biscuits and cakes.

Walking to class I also noticed large brown 'things' on the sidewalks. At first I thought local pet owners hadn't cleaned up after there dogs. Then I realized they were slugs or snails! They don't look like this in Indiana. Now I have a better appreciation for why snails and slugs appear in so many English embroideries. In honor of these daily sightings I bought this needle-keep at the Saturday Textile Market.


  1. so someone appreciates our slugs an snails, I hate them! They do so much damage in the garden and if you put pellets down to kill them and the birds eat them it kills them too nasty things.

    1. I didn't say I like those slimy creatures! But now I can just understand why I see them in embroidered images.

  2. I just knew the event would include an opportunity to shop!


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