Open Shut Case

Windows at last! Pinned to the board they don’t look like all the work they were. The little lady in the window is ready to feed the as yet unstitched birds. Here is the stitching […]

Quilt Show Time Again!?!?

Can’t believe it is show time again! Our clever title (thank you Betsy) reflects our two themes. One quilt was to be influenced by the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster of WWII England. The […]

Up On the House Top

I have stitched the shingles for the front slope of my casket. Here they are pinned to a piece of foam core over a drawing of the 3 top panels for the casket. Then I […]

A Macaroni

Every community of country house dolls needs its own Macaroni. I love his ponytail! And the little swagger in his hips. He is a 6 inch doll which translates as a 6 foot man in […]