Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making Time

This is Once upon Time.

They appear over and over as the main characters of my stories.

Now I'm ready to create Time for one of the sides of my casket.

Here is his head.
Here is his body.

Here is the lower half of his wing.

And here is the upper half of his wing.

Piece by piece they will be assembled onto my background. Here the head and body are together.

And now I have put the lower wing in place.

And here he is ready to go! When I stitch him in place on the background I will add his tail.


  1. brava! *clapping loudly in awe* I LOVE your stories! thankyou for sharing. you inspired my Skellie who is busy bossing me around for more beads!


  2. claps coming from me too this is amazing

  3. Yes! loud applause here too, Janet! He is absolutely amazing…and of course he flies…… ;-)

  4. Janet, your stitching is superb.How admirable is someone who takes such care with their work.


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