Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stumpwork in Space, Part 1

I need a break from the Gardening Angel.
Here is a series "Rocketland" begun in 2010. 

My designs, my digitizing and my craziness.

I was experimenting with the concept of stumpwork done with an embroidery machine. I sure it would work if I had any inclination to pursue it.

Since Rocketland is one of the places to visit in the World of Possibilities, I felt like revisiting these designs to see what I might want to do next.

Bits of snaps, buttons and hooks are lost in space.

Perhaps it is her key chain for the rocket.

Tomorrow I will show you how they celebrate Christmas in Space!


  1. this really is a piece of fun,I did have a chuckle, you have such a wonderful and creative imagination.

    1. Hi Maragret,
      Glad you enjoyed your space travel. I am very happy when people walk away from my work with a smile on their face!


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