Monday, July 1, 2013

Gardening Angel Progress

As I work I often feel as though I am making no progress. Then I look at my last blog post and I can see that isn't true.

The angels arms and hands have sleeves and all are attached to the bodice.

The yellow winged underskirt, at the top of the green velvet skirt has been replaced with a hand dyed silk yarn.

Mama bird can now feed her little ones in peace.

I removed the pearl button fish. They were cute but just not right.


  1. how great to see such close up photos showing us all your wonderful detail, she really is amazing

    1. Thanks Margaret.
      I am working on easier angels as I re-energize to return to my Gardening Angel.

  2. Oh my Janet!! She's marvelous!!!

    I absolutely need to get back inside and online. I am absolutely having a ball here tonight looking at your upbeat, buoyant and playful needle creations! What a gift you have! Thanks so much for sharing and giving me such delight.

    1. Thanks Susan. The angel has been a delight to work on until now. So I am taking a break and when she speaks again I will come running!


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