Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Casket Chronicles Begin

I've added a new subtitle to my blog; The Casket Chronicles.
I look forward to telling the story of my planning, designing and stitching for my very own Embroidered Casket. 

For practice I have found an old flatware chest. The top is about 11" x 16". Perfect for practice.

This is my new blank canvas.
And my theme is "Garden Angels".
I began with a very traditional layout. This is a rough sketch.
That's as far as I took that idea. It just isn't me.

So I started drawing angels. I like to embroider angel wings, all those feathers. And who's to say what an angel looks like?

And I want my angels to have the charm and fantasy of my folk embroidery.

So I am stitching!




  1. Your sketches are gorgeous! Can't wait to watch them develop.

  2. another project for us all to follow and enjoy, looking forward to it.


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