Saturday, May 4, 2013

Life In A Box, Homework 1

The wait is over. The Cabinet of Curiosities Class has begun!

Home work assignment number 1 is to define our goals for the class and ultimately for an embroidered casket.

I of course want to jump right in.

But Tricia, our fearless leader and mastermind behind this joy,
is right. Slow down, savor, enjoy and journal thoughts, dreams, and
So, Possibilities, which is what I am all about, are listed below. I love the idea of being FORCED! to set this down. I do it in a haphazard way already, in journals I have kept for years. Here it is in a very public format.
1. The World of Possibilities

2. Architecture, a progression of rooms.

3. Folk Embroidery/ Costume

4. The Enchanted Forest

5. Doll House

6. A Stage

7. My Silk Road

8. Shop in a Box

Materials and Techniques I want to consider;
Paper Mache
Simple Crank Mechanics
Sea Shells
.............I'm sure there's more.  




  1. OH MY Goodness..I could spend a month in your work room and still not see everything!Your work is just so detailed,delicate.

  2. a major project you are starting on now, best of luck and make sure you get plenty of enjoyment out of doing it so it does not become a task rather than a labour of love.

  3. Sounds like great fun! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!


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