Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Box of Possibilities

As I announced a couple months ago I have signed up for the 
Cabinet of Curiosities Class. It finally begins in May and runs for 18 wonderful months of history and design. Of course the goal of the class, for me at least, is to create my own box, or 17th century style casket.
So instead of stitching, lately I am working on design ideas for my box. I haven't decide on a name yet, "my box of possibilities' is the working title for now. But the theme is set; it is my World of Possibilities as seen in earlier embroideries.   

One of the destination in the World of Possibilities is the Golden Rule Mountains. Here are some working drawings for what the doors on the box might look like.
Stay tuned! 


  1. Gosh Janet, what an interesting projects this will be.Can't wait to see your ideas taking shape.Love these sketches.
    We are off to see an exhibition today! Cheryl Bridgart. See next blog post!

  2. What a great exhibition That should be! Enjoy.

  3. this sounds like a big big project look forward to following you on your journey


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