Sunday, March 10, 2013

New images, earlier work

I am preparing a new Power Point show for a couple lectures I will be giving soon. I don't think I have shared these on my blog before so I thought I would now. 
Stitched on muslin.

The wrapped chain is still one of my favorite embroidery stitches.
That is the stitch that looks like a twisted cord. 

This is stitched on osnaburg fabric, a favorite background for me.

The little red hen. I think she can.

The date on this piece is '01!
It is Elsa's wagon, part carousal, part gypsy wagon.
Embroidery with cotton applique.


  1. The wagon piece is so beautiful!

  2. Janet, I love your work so much - folk artistry at its best!! The gypsy wagon is outstanding!!

  3. I'd love a wagon like this in 'real' life.

  4. a lovely selection of designs here Janet, like Starr love the folky look.


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