Happy Easter

This year’s Bunny Cake is chocolate/ chocolate chip cake with chocolate glaze.   My lucky family and friends get to pick the paper grass off of their individual pieces! 

New to me website

   The Ethnographic Pattern Book Over 800 designs from the Museum of Krakow. Beautiful!

Stanley Spencer, my new favorite artist

  I am a devoted follower of the blog “It’s About Time”.  You can link here, or always find it in my blog roll on the right hand side of your screen.  This blog (and […]

New images, earlier work

  I am preparing a new Power Point show for a couple lectures I will be giving soon. I don’t think I have shared these on my blog before so I thought I would now.  […]

Better Resolution

  These photos my take longer than usual to load but hopefully you will be able to explore and enjoy the details better. This dapper young bird might be looking for some nightlife.    3 […]

End of the Day in the Enchanted Forest

  It’s the ‘End of the Day’ and all of the creatures of the Enchanted Forest are coming home.   Papa Bird has a pocket full of worms and his lantern all aglow as he […]