Thursday, November 29, 2012

Playing With My Toys

At one time or another I think all of the elements in the photo above have appeared at some time in my blog. Yesterday I was rearranging my work table and decided to relocate the empty stage. Then I thought about an embroidery I had done a couple years ago and wondered if it would fit on this stage. It does with a giant straight  pin stuck in the center! 

Then I went around my studio collecting dolls, bears and furniture, and even an unfinished embroidery for a backdrop.

Best of all is the lighting. A small fixture, already on the wall, gave the perfect glow. 
Mama Bear says it's tea time! 


  1. How absolutely adorable is this!! I think we should all be playing with our toys!

  2. I can see so much love in your bears and dolls, lovely

  3. How wonderful! It makes me so happy to peek inside this enchanted little world. Thank you for sharing it :)


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