Friday, June 22, 2012

Charm Club Quilt Show

The Charm Club, a delightful group of quilters I am allowed to be a part of !, has just opened their newest show. The quilt used for promotion (above) was made by Anita Hardwick. The "Hear" in the title refers to music, one of the themes of this show. Anita's piece is call "I've Had Enough Of The Blues".
Last night's opening reception was well attended.
Enjoy the snaps as I try to thank all of the people who worked so hard to make the show so wonderful.

Thank you to Judy P and Betsy for all of their hard behind the scenes work before the show.
Thank you to Barbara and Carolyn for a beautiful room of homemade goodies to feast on.

Thank you to the SullivanMunce Cultural Center for hosting the show and for the many hours of work planning the hanging and signage of the quilts. A special thank you to Kay and Cynthia!

The SullivanMunce is located at 
225 West Hawthorne Street
Zionsville, IN 46077

And thank you to Skeeter for bring Judy S. down from MI to be part of the fun!

Thank you for the photos Chris. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crewel Embroidery Progress 8

A new bird has been stitched. 
And next to him a butterfly.

The fruit bearing tree has new beads blooming.

Here is the over-all design.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Studio Is A Mess!

My studio is a mess and I couldn't be happier!
I'm working on a stage  I first cobbled together almost a year and a half ago.
Here I am standing just inside the door facing the windows.

This is the stage  after its first coat of paper mache. The glue gave the camera something to focus on. Behind the glue is the first mock-up of the wave machine.

Here is a view looking back toward the door, directly behind the stage. Just to the right is Grandmother's Bed. It is a great cubby to crawl into.

Just to the left of the stage in this shot is the marble corner sink I found. It is perfect for the studio.

On the table just to the left of the basket is a first attempt at the title design to go on the front of the theater; "The World Of Possibilities".

Monday, June 4, 2012

Crewel Embroidery Progress 7

The bunny is taking some flowers home to put on the dinner table.

This is such a delight to stitch. Once I stitch a section of the background I enjoy adding leaves, flowers, branches....

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Dragon Prince

Here you meet The Dragon Prince for the first time. He will not be out done by his neighbor across the road. From his castle walls he supervises construction.

And he watches as his troops march in over the drawbridge.

Little homes upstream wonder at their neighbor.

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