Why I Not Stitching As Much

  The last two months of weather in Indiana have been beautiful. So I have been spending more time in the garden than stitching. I put the space above in order last fall knowing I […]

Crewel Thoughts II

  The design I shared in my last post has been tweaked just a little more. I decided the piece would be perfect over the mantel in the living room.   So I rearranged the […]

Crewel Thoughts

  Since dyeing loads of crewel wool a rainbow of delicious colors I have been playing with what to stitch with them. This first drawing is right out of my notebook.   In Photoshop I […]

Teaching at Hen and Chicks

  Here is the storefront of ‘Hen and Chicks’ Studio in Conrad, IA. Just got home from a delightful weekend of teaching, stitching and shopping.   An original metal grate stills graces the floor. Beautiful!  […]

Playing With Filters

  What fun to change the look of an embroidery just using Photoshop filters.

Happy Easter

  The bunny cake tradition continues this year with an applesauce spice cake and cream cheese/butter frosting.

Drawing Again

  Last week was my first ever visit to New Orleans. What a great city! The people were the most friendly I have ever met, the food was an extra few pounds I didn’t need […]