Embroidery Sampler Book

  Front cover of the ‘Sampler Book’ for the Folk Art Stitchery Club I proposed 10 years ago!   The inside front cover shows the title, index and date. The illustrations for the book are […]

A New Embroidered Jacket

  Claire needed a new jacket. I thought you might like to see how I make them.   The jacket is embroidered in one piece. I chain stitch around the outside edge. Then I coat […]

Teaching at ‘Hen and Chicks Studio’

  It is official. I’ll be teaching this embroidery sampler April 14-15 at the Hen and Chicks Studio in Conrad, IA . I can’t wait to see Heidi’s new store and to teach my all […]

Embroidery on Black Wool

  I am still experimenting with Transfer-eze on black wool. I pre-soaked the black fabric and didn’t get much dye discharge. I thought I would be safe. And for the most part I was. The […]

Stumpwork Embroidery Room Setting

  Here is my newest room setting for Once and Time. I’ve made several changes since I first posted the image below.   To begin with, I changed the scale of the figures. The headless […]

The Assembled Cast

  The Witch in front of her cottage.   Hansel and Gretel in front of their cottage.   The entire cast, the stage and cottages.

The Witch

  The only thing sweet about this old lady is her Gingerbread House!


  Here is Gretel, Hansel’s little sister.   Patched and frayed.   Gretel and Hansel.

Hansel (Of Hansel and Gretel Fame)

You have seen the Enchanted Forest and the Woodsman’s Cottage. You have even seen the Gingerbread House. Now it is time to meet our characters.  Here is Hansel.    His clothes may be in tatters […]