Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Garden, Casket Toys Part I

 Lucky Me!
Check The Embroiderer's Story this morning.  My Casket Toys have won the grand prize, A New Casket for me to embroider!
One of the toys I entered is this garden scene. Here is a little bit about how it came about and what is made from.

The garden fits in the top tray of the casket.

But it began as a swing for the casket dolls to play on. The seat of the swing was a mother of pearl thread winder. 

I didn't like the base of the swing, too bulky, so I took everything apart.

The green trellis of the garden has a wire base covered in silk buttonhole stitches.

The base of the trellis is a series of brown silk stitched trunks wrapped in green silk purl.

The intersections of the trellis are wrapped with short lengths of various colored silk wrapped purl.

This is the inner layer of the garden. These trunks were then wrapped with gilt bullion.

 The river side tent is lacet, knotted gimp and gilt flattened coil.
More tomorrow.

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