Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Have Been Working But........

I tried inserting text in the Photoshop images but it is too small to read. So I will repeat myself.
I want my casket to tell the story of "The Red House" and the "World of Possibilities".
I have had fun trying to divvy up the front of the box into sections of a house.  My first attempts were over-ambitious in scale and the stitching style not my own.

I am playing with color and with scale. I am playing with ideas and concepts for the casket as a whole.

But  somewhere along the line I have lost my creative voice.
So I revisited embroideries I like and I that I want my casket to project. I had to rethink the facade. 


OK, I'm liking this. Just 2 stories and I am playing with the surfaces and which planes project where. And I am playing with the edges. I know I don't want to frame each 'panel' with the silver tape.
For my vision it will be too disjointed.

This is the feeling, this is the mood I want to evoke. Very folk art, very ethnic embroidery.

So here I am. The designs over the  2nd story windows are stitched in the style and colors I want. You are probably wondering how I plan to let the windows project over the frieze. Oh, believe me, it is just too beautiful and all will be revealed soon!

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