Friday, January 18, 2013

Where I Work

I thought you might enjoy seeing where I work. As I type this I am sitting in the black chair in the picture above.

I am surrounded by just a little bit of color.

This is my life size version of Grandmother's bed as initially built in my dollhouse story "The Red House".

It is my favorite cozy spot.

If you turn around as you stand in front of the bed, you will see my beautiful marble corner sink. And it works! To the right is my new sewing closet. 
Originally this space was 2 separate closets and a shower, each opening off to a different room. I combined the three space into one with access now from my studio.  

View from the new sewing closet back to the main work desks.

And now you can see where the bears live.

The second half of my studio is devoted to my hand embroidery.

One wall scene.

My beautiful painted table! Many years ago a department store had used it as part of a Christmas display. I snatched it up after the holiday.
When I first brought the library ladder home my husband whisked it away to his downtown office where he had the space and the need to put it to use. Of course his real concern at the time was that he would have to build a room tall enough to accommodate it if it stayed at the house.
Now I have the right space, and he no longer had the need. It worked out perfectly!
I hoped you enjoyed the tour!  

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