Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello Again Dear Friends!

Hello again dear friends! I have been enjoying the holidays, family, food and great parties.
And I have been resting my hand. The bad news is that the rest has not been enough and so I will be seeking therapy beginning tomorrow morning.
The good news is I am very optimistic! 

So I am illustrating this blog with a wonderful needlework frame I bought off the street at a London Church Jumble Sale, while I tell you about a 'journey' I have signed up for. 

I'm going to make my own casket! And just as I used to say "I come from a long line of hookers", it isn't what it might first sound like. This is the 'Cabinet of Curiosities' a 10 year in the planning project masterminded by Tricia Wilson Nguyen of Thistle Threads.
Tricia has brought together the materials (lots of materials), supplies(lots of supplies) and the history (oh yes, lots of history!)
to allow embroiderers a chance to create a 17th Century embroidery covered casket, or wooden box. This isn't just any wooden box, it has secret doors and drawers and spaces to tuck things away!

And each person gets to design their own panels to embroider using threads specially made, reproduced for this class. Actually EVERYTHING is specially reproduced for this class. Follow the links to see more. And stayed tuned to hear and see more about this project. The class doesn't officially begin until May 2013 and then it proceeds as long as we want to enjoy working on it. That's why I think of it as a journey.

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